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kenya fashion 2016

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fashion awards


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Kenya fashion Cocktail



The Kenya Fashion Awards is an awarding prestigious trade mark event that incorporates fashion, music, photography and art to create a magical runway experience and recognize and award the most talented in the industry.

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The purpose of the Awards is to honor Kenyan Talents who have made a significant contribution to this most discerning of industries. We recognize the very best of Kenyan Fashion Talent, from designers to fashion photographers, models, stylists, make-up artists, marketers, retailers, choreographers, fashion & design students and fashion writers. A team of judges professionals drawn from the leading fashion giants, most renowned and respected fashion publications and leading figures in international style.

Overview: The Kenya Fashion Awards is a multi-days branded entertainment environment providing activities and opportunities for fashion designers, make up artists, fashion stylists, fashion bloggers, models, fashion photographers, fashion enthusiasts and donors to come face-to-face with the principal taste makers, celebrities, musical talent, media, investors and consumers during the Event.


Activities at the Kenya Fashion Awards include: modeling Academy, talent search and training, workshops; press conferences, private cocktail parties for sponsors, designers, fashion people, celebrities and entrepreneurs; coverage and publicity by media and press;  exhibition of fashion photography, designers and exhibitors; fashion Bazaar. 



Congratulations to all the Winners of 2017!



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